Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Teardrops on My VCR: Sex and the City: The Movie (2008)

I’m a girl. I like “Sex and the City”. Nay, I love “Sex and the City”. But it’s okay. It’s perfectly acceptable, because I’m a girl. It’s also perfectly acceptable to marathon the series at least once a year. And it’s perfectly acceptable that I saw the midnight showing of Sex and the City: The Movie on opening night. I was dressed up, too. Had I owned Manolos I would have strutted down the streets of Helena, Montana bitching to my girlfriends about how much I love being single but hate the wretched social stigma that comes along with it. I view the movie as a continuation of the series, therefore, it probably won’t ever get put on my Official Canonized Favorite Movies List. To fully appreciate the movie, you have to know and love the series. And since I know and love the series, I fully expected cry during the movie just as I had during so many episodes.

What made me cry…
Carrie Bradshaw had just been left at the altar (well, technically, she hadn’t yet made it to the altar yet) by her longtime boyfriend/fuck buddy/friend/love interest Mr. Big a.k.a. John James Preston. Her friends hurry her into a limo to avoid further embarrassment. They drive quickly away from the venue but Carrie and Big’s eyes meet as their limousines pass one another. Suddenly, Carrie’s limo stops. She gets out of the car and beats the shit out of Big with her bouquet. He tries to apologize, but she won’t have it. Her friends Miranda and Charlotte pull her away. Charlotte takes Carrie in arms and gives Big a death glare. He steps forward for another apology. Charlotte extends her pointer finger and shrieks, “NO!” Miranda rushes Carrie to the car. Charlotte continues to have a stare off with Big until she gets into the limo.

Why it made me cry…
Charlotte is the sweetest of the group. Definitely the least combative, the least cynical, and the most romantic. Earlier in the movie she claims how she always knew Carrie would marry Big in spite of all the bullshit 6 seasons could give us. Charlotte was also the most forgiving of Big because of her belief in soul mates. So after this bombshell, unforgivable act, no one expected Charlotte to be the one to tear Big a new A. No one expected Charlotte to have such fierceness inside of her. When the romantic one snaps, it means a lot more from cynical Miranda or confrontational Samantha.

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