Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wuthering Heights : The Characters

Now that you know the plot of "Wuthering Heights", here is a semi detailed character description. The photos are of various actors and actresses who have portrayed these characters.

Heathcliff - The main character of the story. He is adopted by Earnshaw, hated by Hindley, loved by Cathy but ultimately rejected by her. He takes revenge on Hindley, Edgar, and their children. Husband of Isabella. Father of Linton. Adopted brother of Hindley and Cathy.

Catherine "Cathy" Earnshaw - Heathcliff's adopted sister and obsession. She is free spirited and a "wild, wicked slip of a girl." Despite her love for Heathcliff, she marries Edgar for his status and wealth. She dies halfway through the book. Wife of Edgar. Mother of Catherine. Sister of Hindley and adopted sister of Heathcliff. (Note: On this blog, the first Catherine will always be referred to as "Cathy", while her daughter will always be "Catherine.")

Edgar Linton - The rich and spoiled neighbor of the Earnshaws who marries Cathy. Despite his cowardice, he is very loving to his wife and daughter. Husband of Cathy. Father of Catherine. Brother of Isabella.

Isabella Linton - Edgar's younger sister is as equally spoiled as him. She becomes infatuated with Heathcliff, marries him, and suffers mightily for her choice. Wife of Heathcliff. Mother of Linton. Sister of Edgar.

Hindley Earnshaw - The eldest of the Earnshaws, he resents Heathcliff's place among the family from the beginning and abuses him. After the death of his wife, he becomes a drunkard and loses ownership of Wuthering Heights to Heathcliff. Husband of Frances. Father of Hareton. Brother of Cathy and adopted brother of Heathcliff.

Frances Earnshaw - A woman Hindley met at college, married, and brought home to Wuthering Heights. She is immature, weak, and dies after giving birth. Wife of Hindley. Mother of Hareton.

Ellen "Nelly" Dean - The narrator of the story. She has worked for the Earnshaws since her early teens as a servant and housekeeper. She is more of a friend and confidant than a mere worker. After working at both the Heights and the Grange, and being the nursemaid of Hareton and Catherine, Nelly is the only one who knows the entire story.

Hareton Earnshaw - After his mother and neglectful father dies, Hareton is raised as an uneducated farm boy by Heathcliff. He is quick to temper, but generally a kind soul. He tries to better himself in the presence of Catherine. Son of Hindley and Frances. Husband of Catherine (eventually).

Catherine Linton - Raised in the comfortable confines of the Grange, Catherine is a gentler soul than her mother. She is used as a tool of revenge by Heathcliff and becomes embittered until her new friendship with Hareton. Daughter of Cathy and Edgar. Wife of Linton and eventually, Hareton.

Linton Heathcliff - Sickly since birth, Linton comes to live at Wuthering Heights after his mother's death. Heathcliff despises him and uses him to gain ownership of the Grange. Son of Heathcliff and Isabella. Husband of Catherine.

Joseph - A lifelong servant at Wuthering Heights. Deeply religious and cantankerous (and unnecessary, if you ask me).

Mr. Lockwood - A tenant at Thrushcross Grange. He serves as the audience for Nelly's story of the Earnshaws, Lintons, and Heathcliffs.

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