Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An Official Update From Popped Density's CEO and Founder

I'm too much of a multi-tasker. Even as I write this I'm watching my new Season 13 DVD of The Simpsons, loading a Nostalgia Critic video, and eating popcorn. That's why I have so many damn unfinished series on this blog. There are so many subjects I like that I want to dissect. One of the most ambitious was my Best Original Song series, which amazingly, I did finish. So much satisfaction came from finishing that series that it made me want to finish the others. (And yes, I know I still have to write my conclusion on the BOS's).

That is why I am forcing myself to finish the most important of these series: The Grand and Epic Favorite Movie Ranking Attempt. It was approximately two years ago that I started the series where I attempt to uncover the reasons for putting a movie on my "coveted" favorite movies list. Out of 66 movies, I've published 17 reviews. This is simply blaphemous, so I've decided to put all other posts on hold until I finish my very first series.

Oh...well...right after I finish Bluthanized. Uh, yeah...about that...I just realized I never actually advertised it! Back in January, my friend Andrew and I started a blog which dissects the ten films in Don Bluth (the guy who did The Secret of NIMH, An American Tail, and Anastasia). We wrote two posts then got side tracked by other stuff but we are finishing it, damn it! So after that is done, it will be favorite movies all the way!

Worry not, dear readers, other posts will some day grace this blog but until then, enjoy delving into my movie loving psyche. And Bluthanized. Don't forget Bluthanized.

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