Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Taylor Swift Discography: Sounds of the Season (2007) and Beautiful Eyes (2008)

Between the release of Taylor Swift and Fearless, our girl had two extended plays that I will cover in one post.

The first was a six track Christmas EP titled Sounds of the Season: The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection. It was released exclusively through Target and then on iTunes in November of 2007.

1. Last Christmas
Taylor covers Wham!'s 1986 hit where she meets up with the guy who broke her heart. She is determined to give it to someone else this year. Of all the millions of Christmas songs, this one is a pretty damn good choice for Taylor to cover since it deals with being wronged. I'm not familiar with Wham!'s version, so this one is it for me.

2. Christmases When You Were Mine
This is a pure Taylor song where she longs for previous Christmases when she had the man of her dreams. The lone acoustic guitar adds to the melancholy. It never gives the reason for the break up, which I like. Great song and the best on the album.

3. Santa Baby
Uh...this song works best when it's sung more sexually. Taylor isn't that way (or won't let herself be) so it kind of sucks. She's too innocent for it.

4. Silent Night
It's the words, but a different melody. I liked it actually more than I thought I would. Of course, I'm pretty anti-Christmas music so anything I haven't heard a million times is good.

5. Christmas Must Be Something More
The second original song on this EP. I'll be the first to admit, songs about Jesus make me uncomfortable and this one is too Jesus-y. Yes, her heart is in the right place. Christmas should be about Jesus's birth. She even touches on how it's been blown into something preposterous.

6. White Christmas
It's "White Christmas" with guitars and a banjo.

Meanwhile, Beautiful Eyes is a pretty shitty excuse for an EP. There are only two original songs out of six. She released it to tide over her fans until the release of Fearless that following fall.

1. Beautiful Eyes
A pretty basic "I'm in love with you" song. The melody isn't too bad but nothing about it is terribly memorable.

2. Should've Said No (Alternate Version)
What makes it alternate? An acoustic opening and back up singers.

3. Teardrops on My Guitar (Acoustic Version)
Basically the pop version with acoustic guitars.

4. Picture to Burn (Radio Edit)
Couldn't hear the difference. (And like it needs editing?)

5. I'm Only Me When I'm With You
Same track.

6. I Heart ?
I really, really don't like this song. It's shrill and harsh sounding. It deals with a break up and how the guy wants her back. She is unsure, hence the "I Heart ? written on the back of her hand". Wikipedia says this song was written when she was twelve which makes sense because only someone that young would write that on their hand. Probably my least favorite ever.

Common elements found in Taylor Swift's songs (For fun!)
  • Truck/Riding Shotgun/The Passenger Seat/Driving in general - 5
  • Blue Jeans - 2
  • Fake Smile - 2
  • That Girl/Her/The Other Woman in general - 3
  • Eyes - 6
  • A marriage proposal - 1

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