Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Videography: Britney Spears (Part III - Britney)

After Britney had assured us that she was "stronger than yesterday" she began asserting her independence. And how did she do that? By getting naked, sweaty, and overtly sexual. Through the videos of her next album, Britney (2001) she showed us she was a full blown woman and "not that innocent". These videos contain some of her most exhausting but impressive dance moves.

Order: 12
Title: "I'm a Slave 4 U"
Album: Britney (2001)
Song Premise: A woman expresses her independence while being a slave to dance.
Video Premise: In the middle of a heat wave, Britney dances in a sauna with other sexy, sweaty youths until it starts to rain.

Comments: If you thought the "Baby One More Time" video was sexual, you were wrong. In three years Britney went from a school girl tease to a ...uh, rain dance tease, I guess. The song is sexual it deserves a sexual video. P.S. Who knew sweaty, stringy hair could also look sexy?

Order: 13
Title: "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman"
Album: Britney (2001)
Song Premise: Britney is somewhere between childhood and adulthood. (Doy).
Video Premise: Dressed in pristine, virgin white, Britney switches from peering at a guy through one of those telescope thingies you have to pay a quarter to look through and dancing on the boardwalk with others dressed in white.

Comments: I get what they're doing here. Since she received so much criticism for her "sexy" image in "...Baby One More Time", they decided to show Britney as a sweet and innocent teenage girl who is terrified of relationships and therefore, will remain intact. I'm really surprised they didn't show her with a halo or a habit for that matter.

Order: 14
Title: "Overprotected"
Album: Britney (2001)
Song Premise: A girl feels she’s been overprotected and therefore wants to be her own person.
Video Premise: During the intro from the little known album track "Bombastic Love", Britney exits a hotel, ignores her the paparazzi and drives her car to an abandoned building. She dances with her friends and then alone in a room surrounded by pictures.

Comments: Back in 2001, I totally missed this song. I don't think I heard it until two years ago. The video is nothing special, so maybe that's why. Also, there's a gratuitous Michael Jackson crotch grab to signify what? she has something to grab? Okay...

Order: 15
Title: "Overprotected" [Darkchild Remix]
Album: Britney (2001)
Song Premise: A girl feels she’s been overprotected and therefore wants to be her own person.
Video Premise: Britney is watching the news with her girlfriends when a negative news report comes on. She and her friends sneak past her body guard and have a dance party in the rain.

Comments: All right, this is almost an equally useless video as its predecessor. Almost. The dancing is definitely less cheer-tarded. And who doesn't love a good dancing in the rain scene? P.S. I like her top.

Order: 16
Title: "I Love Rock n' Roll"
Album: Britney (2001)
Song Premise: Britney loves rock n' roll.
Video Premise: Britney sings in front of a band and then writhes on a motorcycle.

Comments: Oh boy. It's just not very good and nothing about it rocks or rolls...except maybe Joan Jett's eyes.

Order: 17
Title: "Boys" [Co-Ed Remix]
Album: Britney (2001)
Song Premise: Boys: You can't live with 'em, you can't live without 'em.
Video Premise: DJ Qualls (a minor celebrity in 2001) tries to get into a party where Britney is. She gets ready for the party then flirts with a dude. Pharrell (who sings the male side of this duet) flirts with some chick. There are random cameos by Jason Priestley, Taye Diggs, and Mike Myers as Austin Powers.

Comments: Ugh. This video is really, really lame especially with its desperate B list celebrity droppings. Not a big fan of the song either.

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