Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Revenge of the 30 Day Song Challenge - Day 10

Day 10 - A 70's Song

I really struggled with the 70's. After Diana Ross flew the Supreme coop, nobody gave three shits about girl groups. The earlier part of the decade was dominated by the "singer/songwriter" sound. But by the mid 70's, the rise of disco left people wanting glittery outfits and choreographed movements again. Still, there are very few of these acts from this time. Most are one hit wonders so I decided to go with one of the bigger songs vs. a bigger group.

"Lady Marmalade" - Labelle, Nightbirds (1975)

Perhaps known for teaching the most important French phrase to America--Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?--"Lady Marmalade" is the story of a man seduced by a Creole hooker from New Orleans. Now back to his normal life, he is haunted by memories of the night spent on black satin sheets.

Silly readers, you though this was just a superfluous (but retardedly successful) song from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack, didn't you? No, no it was a number one hit way back in 1975 by the one hit wonder girl group Labelle.

Like several such still-together girl groups of the 70's, Labelle--lead by Patti Labelle and backed by Nona Hendryx and Sarah Dash--got their start in the late 50's. They had but one Top 40 hit in the 60's but still remained together. By the 70's, the group hired a new manager who suggested dropping their "oldies name", The Blue Belles, and adopted a new look of Ziggy Stardust meets The Funk. "Lady Marmalade" was Labelle's only hit and the band broke up shortly after.

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