Monday, February 6, 2012

Year of the Mix (aka Jordyn Steals Andrew's Idea)

It's February which means most people have long since given up on their New Year's resolutions. Oh, but not me. Mine was to start building the soundtrack to my life. While I'm sure you absolutely LOVE my "Jordyn's Current #1 Song" gadget, there is no real method to it; I change it when I think to. And a song could be #1 for four weeks or four days. And I can only assume you are JUST DYING to know why that song is #1.

You're in luck. Over the next year, I'll be posting a playlist of my most listened to tracks, favorites, rediscoveries, etc. for that month. Coming soon to a computer near you will be January's. Get excited.

This idea was totally jacked from Andrew's Testermix series. He usually puts a playlist out every season or so. Check his out. They're far more thought out than mine.

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Andrew Testerman said...

Oh, you saucy wench. You've pointed out that I haven't posted my mixes in a little over a year, and now I must catch up. Blog wars!