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Videography: Britney Spears (Part II - Oops...I Did it Again!)

After the release of her second album, Britney Spears was a full on international superstar. There wasn't an impressionable girl, lusting boy or concerned parent alive that didn't know her name. In many ways, the Oops!...I Did it Again era videos are more "mature" than the Baby One More Time videos. I only say this because it seems there are actual plots instead of "Britney dances with dancers surrounding her." Also, sexuality seems to be winning in the virgin vs. whore debate. All of these videos (besides the Pepsi commercials and "Lucky") show a sultry, in charge woman. The pressure of life in the public eye was definitely effecting her at this point, but Britney smiled and pushed through, shimmying and gyrating all the way to the bank with "Lucky" being our only hint into her inside turmoil.

Order: 6
Title: "Oops!...I Did it Again"
Album: Oops!...I Did It Again (2000)
Song Premise: A girl is unashamed of her flirtatious ways and blames her admirer for being easily enchanted.
Video Premise: Upon entering the Mars orbit (?) an astronaut finds a rock with Britney's picture from the Oops! album cover that somehow beckons her in a red vinyl jumpsuit. As the lyrics indicate, Britney plays with his heart while the crew on Earth watches in amusement. At one point, the smitten spaceman offers Britney the jewel from the end of Titanic.

Comments: This video is so stupid. It really makes no sense at all, but somehow managed to become iconic. Way back when, in the olden days, the Disney Channel used to air music videos and this is one that was played to death. I saw it so many times that I quasi knew the choreography which I performed for a bunch of Irish kids while I was visiting Ireland in the spring of 2001. They even asked if I knew Britney Spears. They were upset when I told them I was from Washington.

Order: 7
Title: "The Joy of Pepsi"
Album: ...Just a commercial.
Song Premise: Britney sings about how she enjoys Pepsi.
Video Premise: Britney is in a warehouse in coveralls which she promptly rips off and begins dancing with other workers.

Comments: it's a commercial, not technically a video. But look at it: Peppy song? Check. Choreography? Check. Britney's navel? Check. The advertisers knew the quickest way to have Britney sell Pepsi would be to put her in her most comfortable and recognizable environment.

Order: 8
Title: "Lucky"
Album: Oops!...I Did It Again (2000)
Song Premise: The story of Lucky, a Hollywood actress disenchanted with her lonely life.
Video Premise: Britney appears in front of a curtain and announces that "This is a story about a girl named Lucky." We see the day to day life of a 40's movie star, Lucky, as she awakens and is given a huge bouquet of flowers by her butler. Britney is apparently some kind of guardian angel who witnesses Lucky's dissatisfaction and wants her to realize it. Suddenly, a gorgeous hunk storms in and dips Lucky. It turns out the whole thing is a movie, and Lucky is a modern day movie star (and kind of a bitch). Fast forward a couple of months and Lucky wins an Oscar and is surrounded by her adoring fans. She gets into a limo and sees Britney trying to reach her. Finally, Lucky cries herself to sleep.

Comments: As you know from my Top 30 Britney Spears Songs blog, "Lucky" is my favorite song of hers. And it's also my favorite video. For one, I'm ecstatic they took the story in the song and used that as a basis for the video. Then I love that it has a "movie within a movie" quality to it. I plan to write a whole blog on this video, so I'll keep this commentary short so I'm not so goddamn redundant. Anyway, it's just so ironic and thinly veiled! "Let's make her an actress instead of a popstar!"

Order: 9
Title: "The Pepsi Generation"
Album: ...Just a commercial.
Song Premise: Britney says young people like Pepsi!
Video Premise: 1958: Britney drinks Pepsi in a malt shop. 1963: On an American Bandstand type show, Britney sings in a girl group. 1966: Britney surfs and sings at the beach. 1970: Hippie Britney sings with other hippies. 1989: Britney sings "Simply Irresistible" in an "Addicted to Love" type video. Finally, all era Britneys are shown doing the "Joy of Pepsi" dance.

Comments: This is fun and I enjoyed the hell out of it. Of course, I love eras. My only complaint is, why no mid 70's? Disco! Not difficult.

Order: 10
Title: "Stronger"
Album: Oops!...I Did It Again (2000)
Song Premise:  A woman finally recovers from a nasty break up.
Video Premise: Britney is rejected by a guy in a club and takes her revenge by dancing alone elsewhere with a magical chair. She also drives a car angrily in the rain, dances with a cane and strides confidently across a bridge.

Comments: I think this is the most pissed we've seen Britney to date. But for a "I-don't- need-you-anymore-you-cheating-bastard" song, I think it fits rather well. Also chair dancing is extremely impressive and I am in awe whenever I see it.

Order: 11
Title: "Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know"
Album: Oops!...I Did It Again (2000)
Song Premise: A girl begs her boyfriend to tell her he loves her since he’s seemed to have told everyone else.
Video Premise: Britney and a ripped hunk frolic on a tropical island and make out and climb trees.

Comments: A sexy song deserves a sexy video. And boy howdy do we get one! Okay, I love this song and this video. They don't really go together. The song is about insecurity, while the video is basically a 2000's version of The Blue Lagoon. I like it because it's more seductive and sultry than nasty and dirty...which is rather ironic knowing what's coming in the future. Maybe Britney wanted to do a sexy video but her handlers demanded it be sensual instead. I don't know. It was banned from the Disney Channel, none the less. It's interesting to watch the development of Britney's videos. It's definitely been a gradual process. Knowing the future makes me sad that videos of this nature are never seen again. P.S. I wish I looked that good in jean shorts.

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