Sunday, July 24, 2011

30 Day Movie Challenge - Day 7

Day 7 - A Movie From Your Childhood That You Hated

Like I stated in my previous post, I am an only child, so I pretty much got to watch WHATEVER THE HELL I WANTED. When I went to a friend's house for a sleepover, we usually agreed on something we both wanted to watch. (Note: Coyote Ugly was from my adolescence, not my childhood). I even went on to IMDb searching for craptacular kids movies I may have been subjected to and had gladly forgotten. Alas, I could think of nothing, so...

Fantasia (1940)

Fantasia is chosen by default. Certainly there are many kids movies that NOW as an ADULT, I would rather shave my eyebrows than watch. But, admittedly, I kind of liked FernGully when I was young. In fact, the closest I can come is Mighty Morphin Power Rangers or Space Ghost, both shows I watched at daycare against my will. But, those are TV shows and this is the 30 Day Movie Challenge.

When I was very young, we owned a limited number of movies. (We were renters, remember?) But one of them was Fantasia. My dad, being a child of the 60's and former Dead Head, would often watch this flick with sound turned down and the likes of It's A Beautiful Day or Iron Butterfly playing (Psychedelic 60's bands, you ignorant whippersnappers!) This is how my dad and I would bond.

Not only did we not have a big video library, I was an equal opportunity watcher. I felt each of my movies should be watched the same number of times. So even when I had the urge to "run the hidden pine trails of the forest", I would look sadly at that black VHS clamshell case and go for Fantasia. It was only fair, right? And I sort of liked the centaurs!

Hate is the wrong word to use when describing Fantasia, but I've still seen it too many goddamn times. It's too long. It's bloated and self-righteous and boooooorrrrrrring! I don't like it and feel the reason was my childhood associations.

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