Sunday, July 24, 2011

Videography: Britney Spears (Part IV - In the Zone)

By the time Britney released her 4th album, In the Zone, she was only 22 years old. She had exerted her independence and sex appeal with her previous album and videos. But that was not enough.

Britney had recently ended her years long relationship with fellow teen idol Justin Timberlake (whatever happened to him anyway?). And she wanted more independence and respect. So in the next few videos, we have the beginning of transitional period. She had reached the top and there was no where left to go but down.

Order: 18
Title: "Me Against the Music" (feat. Madonna)
Album: In the Zone (2003)
Song Premise: A woman (or two?) describe their complicated desire for music.
Video Premise: Inside a fancy New York dance club, Madonna dances on one side of a wall and Britney dances on the other. They sense each other's presence. Britney chases Madonna and eventually catches up to her. However, Madonna vanishes just before they kiss.

Comments: Meh. Lesbianism for the sake of attracting males. Isn't that obvious? But I get what they're doing here with the collaboration: 80's Pop Princess meets Millennium Pop Princess. Too bad I'm not really a Madonna fan.

Order: 19
Title: "Toxic"
Album: In the Zone (2003)
Song Premise: A woman has a dangerous addiction to a man.
Video Premise: The video begins with Britney as a blonde flight attendant who pulls an overweight passenger into the bathroom. He transforms into a hottie as they make out and she steals a black pass from him. Later on, she drives through Paris as a redhead. Then she breaks into a research facility, steals a vial, and poisons her unfaithful boyfriend. All the while, there are several scenes of Britney writhing on the floor in a nude, diamond covered suit.

Comments: This one was big. Big song, big video. I, personally, never got the hype. The song has always seemed a little shrill to me. And the video is meh.

Order: 20
Title: "We Will Rock You" (feat. Beyonce and Pink)
Album: Another Pepsi Commercial
Song Premise: Pepsi Will Rock You!
Video Premise: It's ancient Rome. Enrique Iglesias is Caesar. Britney, Beyonce, and Pink are gladiators. But instead of fighting, the women throw down their weapons and rally the crowd into the singing.

Comments: Interesting concept. Good costumes. Sure. Why not?

Order: 21
Title: "Everytime"
Album: In the Zone (2004)
Song Premise: A woman struggles with a break up she caused.
Video Premise: Britney, accompanied by her boyfriend, arrives at a Las Vegas hotel and is bombarded by paparazzi. Her boyfriend grows violent with them and they fight. To cool off, Britney takes a bath and drowns. After running through the hospital, she decides to be reincarnated as a newborn baby.

Comments: I love videos about the fame! After "Lucky", this is only the second to deal with these themes. This one is a bit darker and was originally meant to end with Britney dying of a drug overdose ala Marilyn Monroe. I love the slow-motion cinematography and the ironic foreshadowing. Super depressing, yes, but I am a fan. And the boyfriend is hot.

Order: 22
Title: "Outrageous"
Album: In the Zone (2004)
Song Premise: BrItnEY's OuTrAgEoUs!!!!
Video Premise: Gangsta Britney plays basketball with Snoop Dogg and then licks his face.

Comments: Britney hurt her knee during the shoot and it was never completed. Given the clip, I'm not to disappointed.

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