Sunday, July 24, 2011

Videography: Britney Spears (Part VII - Circus)

When you hit rock bottom, there's nowhere left to go but up. And up Britney went after the release of her sixth studio album, Circus in November of 2008. Things were getting better for Britney. After a brief stint in a psychiatric ward, she got her kids back and her life on track.

For the first time in ten years, Britney had a number one single on her hands. And it seemed the pop princess was more popular than ever, even if she had Lady Gaga threatening to usurp her throne...

Order: 28
Title: "Womanizer"
Album: Circus (2008)
Song Premise: A woman refuses to fall for the tricks of a Don Juan even if she’s tempted by him.
Video Premise: Britney starts her day as a housewife cooking breakfast for her smarmy business man husband. At work, he is toyed with by brunette Britney, the office assistant. Next, redhead Britney flirts with him as a waitress and then finally as a blonde chauffeur. When the husband returns home, he finds his wife embodies all three women.

Comments: It's not bad, it's got a definite story and it's fun. I really have no complaints.

Order: 29
Title: "Circus"
Album: Circus (2008)
Song Premise: A woman turns a dance floor into a circus and enjoys being the center of attention…yeah.
Video Premise: Britney puts on a pair of diamond earrings and then dances around in a circus ring.

Comments: "Circus" is fun with a vintage feel. It's everything you'd expect without boring you.

Order: 30
Title: "If U Seek Amy"
Album: Circus (2008)
Song Premise: A woman searches for a woman named Amy who is quite popular with men and women.
Video Premise: Britney cleans up her house after a party (or orgy?) and then slips into a 1950's housewife get up before meeting the paparazzi outside.

Comments: The song is non-sensical so I was interested to see what the video was going to do and the answer is...not much. I think this one was heralded as super great, but why? It's nothing special to me.

Order: 31
Title: "Radar"
Album: Circus (2008)
Song Premise: A woman notices the man of the evening and plans to seduce him later.
Video Premise: Britney goes to posh mansion with her boyfriend. After she arrives, she notices a sexy and dangerous polo player who sparks her interest. Despite the nice gifts her boyfriend gives her, Britney starts an illicit affair with polo guy and runs off with him.

Comments: "Radar" was originally a track on Blackout, but for some reason was put on Circus as well and then released as single. Why? I have no idea. This is Britney's most "mini-movie" of all her videos. It features no dancing. It was a nice change of pace for me even if Britney is sort of a bitch in it.

Order: 32
Title: "3"
Album: The Singles Collection (2009)
Song Premise: A woman attempts to seduce two men into a threesome.
Video Premise: Britney, dressed in a unitard, dances with other women in unitards and then with two bald guys. 

Comments: The end of 2009 brought Britney's second compilation album, The Singles Collection which spanned her ten year career. "3" was the one new song that rocketed to Number 1. The accompanying video is a dance video with no plot or abstract imagery. Just dance.

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