Sunday, July 24, 2011

Videography: Britney Spears (Part VI - Blackout)

And then the shit hit the fan. One month after the birth of her second child, Britney and Kevin Federline filed for divorce. This event sent America's Sweet Tart into a downward spiral of alcohol, head shaving, and weight gain. (Gaw, look at that cow!) Eventually she lost custody of her two children for an disclosed reason.

In the midst of the chaos, Britney released her fifth studio album and her first in three years, Blackout. Generally speaking, the album did pretty well even if Britney was hardly in a place to promote it.

Order: 25
Title: "Gimme More"
Album: Blackout (2007)
Song Premise: A woman dances with her partner while paparazzi watches, secretly enjoying the attention.
Video Premise: Britney is at a club with her pals when she sees a brunette lookalike dancing on a stripper pole.

Comments: Well, I don't know. It sort of gets boring after awhile. It's just Britney on a stripper pole.

Order: 26
Title: "Piece of Me"
Album: Blackout (2007)
Song Premise: Britney personally addresses the public on how she will always attract media attention, regardless if it’s positive or negative.
Video Premise: Britney and her friends prepare for a night on the town. All dress in matching blonde bob wigs to confuse the paparazzi. They arrive at club where Britney tricks a photographer into the women's bathroom. The video finishes with dancing and the women watching the news.

Comments: THE FAME! Yay. This one is tongue n' cheek and pretty stupid really, but I'm not the only one who likes it. It actually won Best Female Video, Best Pop Video, and Video of the Year at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards. Not bad for someone who's hit rock bottom.

Order: 27
Title: "Break the Ice"
Album: Blackout (2007)
Song Premise: A long dormant relationship is reawakened even though awkward at first.
Video Premise: Britney is an animated Jane Bond (similar to her "Toxic" video).

Comments: The song was a very slow burn for me, so I used to not care about the shitty video. (It's animated because Britney was in no condition to work). Anyway, I love the song musically and lyrically and yet this is the video. :-( If ever I wanted a lyric to video transfer, this would be the one.

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