Monday, June 13, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge - Day 12

Day 12 - A Love Song

"Amanda" - Boston, Third Stage (1986)

If you think about it, nearly 80% of all songs are about love. Looking for love, finding love, having love, losing love, looking for a new love...on and on and on. People are obsessed with it. I think most people are uncomfortable expressing their emotions so we're more than willing to let those famous rock stars do it for us.

I discovered the song "Amanda" last summer. I'm a huge fan of power ballads and I still don't know how this one escaped me for so long. The song is about a man secretly in love with Amanda. For awhile, he's been too afraid to confess his feelings for her, but she's leaving, so it's now or never. Yes, it's simple. And there are dozens of other songs just like it, I'm sure. But this one feels so honest and real. I believe it. And I don't believe much these days.

Even though "Amanda" was released in 1986, it was written in 1980...which means it should have been released in 1981, so...I'll shut up now. It's my favorite love song ever and it makes me wish my name was Amanda...for about five minutes.

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