Monday, June 13, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge - Day 14

Day 14 - A Cheating Song

"Your Love" - The Outfield, Play Deep (1985)

Remember the dude from yesterday's post? The dude who had a girlfriend, but I decided to fool around with anyway? Well, I did. And it was partly because of this 80's one hit wonder.

The first time I heard "Your Love" was when the dude was singing it in class and trying to figure out the title. Eventually, he did and would play it ALL THE DAMN TIME. The first time I heard the actual lyrics was in his truck during one of our many joyrides. The song is as follows: "Hey, my girlfriend Josie is on vacation so come over and have sex with me, but don't tell anybody."

At the time I was slightly revolted. The song quickly became popular at our high school in spite of its lyrics. And even though I kept telling everyone, "This is a cheating song! The guy is a dick." no one cared. It sounds so, so stupid now, but since my school was forgiving of the situation, it was just one more drop in the bucket encouraging me down the prim rose path.

They need this one on Rock Band.

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