Tuesday, August 2, 2011

30 Day Movie Challenge - Day 15

Day 15 - An Indie Film

I'll be honest, I haven't seen many independent films. And how could I? I've lived in small towns without arthouse movie theaters. I see movies that theater owners think the populations of Helena, MT and Spokane, WA will like which means...well, not independent. God bless the internet, though, because it introduced me to this little gem.

Film Geek (2005)

I can't remember how exactly I stumbled upon it, only that I was intrigued by the title. Hey, I was a film geek! I worked in a video store! It's a movie for people like me! 

In 78 minutes, it tells the story of Scotty Pelk (Melik Malkasian), a socially awkward video store clerk with an encyclopedic knowledge of film. For irritating the customers and his fellow employees, Scotty is fired from his job. In between watching movies, eating cereal and routinely masturbating into the sink, Scotty looks for another video store job but in vain. However, he eventually meets Niko (Tyler Gannon) an attractive artist who is nice enough to go on a date with him and discuss David Cronenberg even if she thinks he's a huge dork. 

Like most indie films, not a lot happens. It's the character study of a young man with one skill--studying film--and what happens when he is no long able to utilize that skill. The interesting thing about Scotty is his lack of drive. Most people interested in film want to eventually break into the industry. Scotty is happy to just be a fan and post reviews on his website www.scottysfilmpage.com.

Film Geek was shot entirely on location in Portland, OR for an estimated $10,000 which, if you don't know, is frickin' dirt cheap. Oh boy, and it looks it! I think it was filmed on a handheld DVR camera or something. It's not the funniest movie ever or even the funniest indie movie ever. And no, it's not "2005's Napoleon Dynamite" either. But if you love movies, have worked in a video store, or write a film blog, you'll probably find something to laugh about.


Kevin Casey said...

Alright Jordyn. It's not shangri-la but Myrna has shown lots of great indys over the years.

Jordyn said...

Oh my gosh, Kevin! I totally spaced the Myrna! What a shitty blogger I am!

If you are in the Helena, MT area, the Myrna Loy Center is a perfectly fine theater to catch indie films!