Thursday, August 4, 2011

Videography: Taylor Swift (Part I - Taylor Swift)

Welcome to another edition of Videography! This time we're exploring the music videos of country princess Taylor Swift. Like Reba, Taylor is known for her music videos along with her musical abilities. Let's take a look at how she started...

Order: 1
Title: "Tim McGraw"
Album: Taylor Swift (2006)
Song Premise: A girl reminisces about a summer love who has left for college and wants him to think of her when he hears her favorite Tim McGraw song.
Video Premise: A boy (later named Johnny) is driving his Chevy when he stops to have a listen to a song. He remembers his summer with Taylor as they stargazed in the back of his pick up and kissed in a field. He drives back to his house to see a letter waiting for him.

Comments: I always wanted this. When I was in high school, boy oh boy, was back-roading and stargazing the epitome of romance. So when this video came out in the summer that was, ahem, supposed to be like that for me, I was a tad bit bitter. In fact, I couldn't bring myself to watch the "Tim McGraw" video until...a few minutes ago. My take? It's a good song to video transfer.

Order: 2
Title: "Teardrops On My Guitar"
Album: Taylor Swift (2006)
Song Premise: A girl secretly loves her friend Drew who talks to her about another girl.
Video Premise: Drew asks Taylor if she's going to "the game" later. She thinks it's a date but he really just wants to talk about this new girl he's met. Drew and Taylor get in trouble for laughing too loud in the library. Then she has an accident in chemistry when he distracts her. Finally, she sees him kissing another girl in the hallway.

Comments: Now this was more like my high school experience. What can I say? I love this video. It fits the song. It takes relatively inane experiences like talking in the library and chemistry class and making them special. Also props for having Drew hook up with that girl (who I'm sure is perfectly lovely). The song possesses an ambiguous ending as does the video. Way to go, Taylor.

Order: 3
Title: "Our Song"
Album: Taylor Swift (2006)
Song Premise: When a girl claims she and her boyfriend have no song, he says it’s the various sounds of summer.
Video Premise: Taylor talks on the phone, paints her nails, wears a pretty dress and sings.

Comments: All right, I know the song is similar in theme to the summertime shenanigans of "Tim McGraw" and that she had just done two literal translation story videos. But come on! This is just boring.

Order: 4
Title: "I'm Only Me When I'm With You"
Album: Taylor Swift (2006)
Song Premise: A girl only feels at ease with one of her guy friends who may be more than that.
Video Premise: Footage from Taylor's life and her tour.

Comments: Sure. Okay. Next please.

Order: 5
Title: "Picture to Burn"
Album: Taylor Swift (2006)
Song Premise: A girl is through with her cheating boyfriend and
Video Premise: Taylor and a friend spy on her ex-boyfriend as he parks with his new girlfriend. She fantasizes about a group of secret service type men destroying her ex's house.

Comments: No complaints. Fits the video. Not my favorite though.

Order: 6
Title: "Should've Said No"
Album: Taylor Swift (2006)
Song Premise: A girl reprimands her boyfriend for cheating on her.
Video Premise: Taylor plays the song on an acoustic guitar while sitting on a stool in jeans and a sweatshirt. The song gets fast, her clothes are torn away revealing a black dress. Taylor finishes the song under a rain machine.

Comments: Granted, this isn't technically a video. It was live performance at the CMA's or AMC's or something and then made into a video. Oh boy, Taylor live is off key and hard to watch. Yeesh. How did this video make it into rotation?

Order: 7
Title: "Beautiful Eyes"
Album: Beautiful Eyes (2008)
Song Premise: A girl loves a guy with beautiful eyes.
Video Premise: More footage ala "I'm Only Me When I'm With You", but this is from her 18th birthday party. Taylor gets her make up and hair done, she drives a pink truck and hugs other country stars.

Comments: It's from an EP. I don't expect much, so I won't judge this one too harshly. Easy to make and easy promotion.

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