Thursday, August 4, 2011

Videography: Taylor Swift (Part II - Fearless)

Part II in Taylor Swift's Videography, here we have the videos of the pop/country juggernaut Fearless. Witness the evolution that lead to Kanye West throwing a bitch fit at the VMA's.

Order: 8
Title: "Change"
Album: Fearless (2008)
Song Premise: A girl refuses to give up on her dreams because she is certain things will change for the better. P.S. Taylor believes in you!
Video Premise: Taylor sings in front of a band.

Comments: now you know how I feel about videos that just don't try. Why not show some examples of underdogs fightin' the good fight and coming through in the end? Just a suggestion.

Order: 9
Title: "Love Story"
Album: Fearless (2008)
Song Premise: A teenage boy and girl meet and fall in love even though daddy originally objects to the pairing.
Video Premise: On a contemporary college campus, Taylor sees a guy who catches her eye. Then we switch to the mis-matched eras ball where "Juliet" and "Romeo" (for they are not the real ones given the ending) meet, fall in love, and starting sneaking out to meet one another. Eventually "Romeo" and "Juliet" meet in a meadow, apparently having overcome their great obstacle. Then we switch back to present where Taylor and "Romeo" 2.0 hook up.

Comments: Over all, I like this one. It's a fluffy video for a fluffy song. You can't really ask for much more. Although the costumes...pick a fucking era. She was "Rococo" and he was "Regency"...grrr.

Order: 10
Title: "White Horse"
Album: Fearless (2008)
Song Premise: After the ending of her relationship, a girl realizes she wasn’t living a fairy tale romance and will find someone far better than the guy she held in such high regard.
Video Premise: It starts with a guy asking Taylor if she loves him and if he can have another chance. We then drift into happy moments of the couple together, playing cards and cuddling. Then Taylor talks to her friend in a cafe about how great this dude is. But THERE'S SOMETHING SHE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT HIM! So Taylor goes to his house and sees there's another woman whom he's married to or at least living with. We go back to the beginning where the guy asks the questions. "Yeah" and "No" are her answers.

Comments: All right, now we're in business! A story! Not the story I imagined with this song, but still a story that works and works well! Love the mini-movieness. Wish there were more like this one.

Order: 11
Title: "Crazier"
Album: Hannah Montana: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2009)
Song Premise: Basic love song. Boy drives girl crazy in the good way.
Video Premise: Taylor plays on stage while clips from Hannah Montana: The Movie are shown.

Comments: It's promotional. Probably everything it should be.

Order: 12
Title: "The Best Day"
Album: Fearless (2008)
Song Premise: Taylor writes an ode to her mother and the support she was given throughout her life.
Video Premise: Pertinent home videos edited together.

Comments: Yeah it fits. Do I like it? No. It's about as fun as watching someone's home videos.

Order: 13
Title: "You Belong With Me"
Album: Fearless (2008)
Song Premise: A girl in love with the boy next door pleads for him to understand that he belongs with her and not his stereotypical bitch girlfriend.
Video Premise: Taylor live next door to a boy who's fighting with his girlfriend. They communicate through the window by writing on notepads. Taylor wants to confess her love but instead dances around in front of her mirror. The boy spies on her and laughs. The next day, Taylor and boy are talking when his evil brunette cheerleader girlfriend comes and takes him away. Later at the football game, boy scores a touch down but evil brunette girlfriend is flirting with another guy! Finally, at the dance, Taylor arrives sans glasses and scraggly hair in white dress. Boy dumps evil brunette girlfriend, shows Taylor his own "I love you" note and the two kiss.

Comments: Do you know how much I hate myself for loving this video? A lot. A whole hell of a lot. Thank God this video didn't come out when I was in high school or else I'd be all the more fucked up. In fact, I worry about the effect this video had on adolescents. It's like raw cookie dough: oh so bad for you but too good to never eat again. Yeah, the ending with "I love you" notes is damn retarded, but if you look past it, you have one of the best mini-movie music videos ever. Fuck you, Kanye. This totally deserved to win.

Order: 14
Title: "Fifteen"
Album: Fearless (2008)
Song Premise: Nineteen year old Taylor offers advice on life as a fifteen year old.
Video Premise: Taylor walks through an animated world of trees and high school. She meets her real life best friend, Abigail, who rejects a handsy boy in his car but then "gives everything to him" and she and Taylor cry about it.

Comments: Well, meh. Props to using the real Abigail although I'm not sure what she thinks about Taylor singing about her regretted virginity loss. And one thing that's always bothered me: most people are fourteen when they start their freshman year.

Order: 15
Title: "Fearless"
Album: Fearless (2008)
Song Premise: Taylor is happy to be in love
Video Premise: Footage from the Fearless Tour.

Comments: Is it just me or do these footage videos of fans seem a little narcissistic? 

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