Monday, August 8, 2011

Taylor Swift Videography: Speak Now (2010)

Only four short years and here we are in the modern era of Taylor videoum. I will say this, I'm quite pleased with staticism. There hasn't been a lot of change, has there? She started with cinematic videos that, even if they didn't have a story, at least they made sense. Luckily, she hasn't gone off the deep end and I'm glad. And no crappy footage videos...yet. Keep up the good work, Taylor!

Order: 16
Title: "Mine"
Album: Speak Now (2010)
Song Premise: A formerly cautious girl looks back on her relationship.
Video Premise: Taylor enters a diner, sees a fighting couple and remembers her parents fighting. A cute waiter takes her order. They are immediately attracted to one another so a relationship begins. After a few dates, he proposes. But uh oh, there's trouble in paradise and Taylor and Waiterboy are fighting too! But they make up and we are treated to scenes of their wedding and life with two sons.

Comments: I wasn't really impressed with the lead single off of Speak Now. It's still not my favorite, but the video is good. Perfect representation of the song.

Order: 17
Title: "Back to December"
Album: Speak Now (2010)
Song Premise: Taylor regrets dumping her boyfriend after seeing him again.
Video Premise: Taylor writes a letter as snow falls around her inside her house. Meanwhile, her ex boyfriend walks away.

Comments: This is definitely the most arty of Taylor's videos. Sometimes, I'm a fan of concept vs. a story, and I think this one works pretty well. We already saw "flashbacks to happier times" in the "Tim McGraw" and "White Horse" videos. This is in the moment which is ironic because the song is about reminiscing.

Order: 18
Title: "Mean"
Album: Speak Now (2010)
Song Premise: People are mean to Taylor :-(
Video Premise: Taylor plays a banjo on stage. Then she is kidnapped by some vagrants who tie her to a railroad track. A boy is bullied for having a fashion magazine. A girl is teased for working at a fast food restaurant. Another girl has to eat alone in the bathroom. Go back to Taylor being a star in a fancy dress on a fancy stage. Yay Taylor!

Comments: Oh, is this song juvenile! Every time I hear it I'm amazed. Grown ups don't call people "mean", grown ups call people assholes or cunts. Shut up, Jordyn, you'll never have a number one hit. Okay..."Mean". Once again, the video fits. People are mean to people, but it's okay. They'll overcome it one day. Taylor did.

I can't help but compare this video to Pink's "Fuckin' Perfect". Watch that one and you'll see what I mean.

Order: 19
Title: "The Story of Us"
Album: Speak Now (2010)
Song Premise: Taylor meets her ex in a crowded place and wonders what he thinks about it.
Video Premise: In a crowded library, Taylor notices her ex and tries to study. Eventually everyone in the room throws up their books and goes crazy. Taylor and the guy walk towards each other but then part their separate ways.

Comments: Story. Books. Library. Get it? Yes, it make perfect sense. Yay! And I love that they don't reconcile! Our little Taylor is growing up.

Order: 20
Title: "Sparks Fly"
Album: Speak Now (2010)
Song Premise: Taylor likes a bad boy...but it's okay. :-)
Video Premise: Concert footage from the Speak Now tour.

Comments: Well, I spoke too soon about the concert footage videos...but this one isn't bad. Seriously. Although I will never ever go to a Taylor Swift concert, this video makes them look fucking Theatrical, capital T. Sets, costumes, fireworks, rain. I bet you'd get your money's worth.

Order: 21
Title: "Ours"
Album: Speak Now: Deluxe Edition (2010)
Song Premise: Being in love is great, isn't it?
Video Premise: Taylor hates Mondays :-( but her Army (?) boyfriend makes everything okay.

Comments: Meh. It's just hard to picture Taylor as a normal girl in a normal work environment. And Christ, I am getting sick of all this electronic product placement in music videos. Popstars are shills. Also, why is her boyfriend in the Army? Like, what does that have to do with anything? Meh.

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